PresaVisione supports a small chain of distribution of independent short films through cultural events. We have a library of videos (short but not only) made by many different authors. They give us a copy their works in order to allow  PresaVisione to promote their video, ensuring the integrity of the screening. The exchange relationship between us and the authors are free of charge.

If you want to show your works,
please contact us.


Some of our creations:


Pesciocchio (fish eye)



Respiro  (breath)



Le disgrazie d'amore


La Balla (italian pun - Balla is bale but also whopper)

Backstage La Balla


Arte sui tubi


Tango Zoppo (Crippled Tango)

Limiti (Boundaries)


Mazzei (sci-fi in a store)

shin yama arashi (history of martial arts)


Non farmi a fette!


BackStage "Olè Olè" - Video Clip "Figli di Madre Ignota"





Events organized by PresaVisione:

  • CuCinema - shorts in the dish: A good dinner combined with  wonderful shorts.
  • Some Like It Short :review of auteur shorts films
  • Nights with DJ and VJ



CuCinema is a culinary themed evening, with screenings of short films and video between a dish and the other.
Short films are presented in the context of a dinner, in rooms and in heterogeneous environments, ensure the results always different and customizable, depending on local needs and preferences of the restaurateur. The menu is fixed.
the event is by reservation, usually: in fact, CuCinema provides a scan time of the dinner ... like quite accurate 'as in the theater.
And, at some point, the lights fade to recreate a room dark as close as possible to the cinema: a film break, and dinner again, magically emerging from the darkness again, once, twice, three times . And every time a new stimulus for conversation at the table.

CuCinema is one of many means to realize an independent distribution circuit.
The circuit has as its final goal to show self-produced works made ​​by independent authors who usually do not have visibility.


Some like it short
review of auteur short films

Even the purpose of "Some Like It Short" is to create a circuit Independent Distribution.
The promotion of the auteur short films is important to create visibility, it is also important to re-learn to understand art's oldest of cinema
The projection is divided into a first and a second time, and a small snack is in the range offered by Presavisione
If the authors are in the hall after the screening, you can ask them questions, you can also choose other short in our archive that contains self-produced works made ​​by independent authors who usually do not have visibility.







Services offered by PV

PresaVisione cultural association, offers a range of services and multimedia performance and the result is guaranteed by professional experience and reliability.

  • Video capture cultural events (theater, courses, projects, backstage)
  • Videos of weddings and private events
  • Logistics of the set, troupe assembling
  • Production of video documentaries, industrial, advertising
  • Organization and setting up of projections for cultural evenings, institutions, private
  • Production of video or parts of them; made of hand-drawn animation also
  • Organization and implementation of training courses
  • Creation CuCinema, Some Like It Short (see: events)
  • Organization of Casting
  • Photo in the film, even with printing BN
  • Organization photographic exhibitions
  • Graphics for advertising, brochures, posters






Productions and collaborations

Production is a budget with which to realize a work

(video, film, theater does not matter).

PresaVisione is able to produce (or take part in joint productions) short films, videos, documentaries, etc. makes no difference that the project is submitted by a member or an external.
For self production means all those works that do not involve a salary or a big budget (for those who work in): in this case, the author strives to cover living expenses (travel, petrol, any meals, costumes and any props ...) and bestows a donation to PresaVisione that is more symbolic anything else (donation the author decided with of the project ).
With affordable PV figures provides:
the equipment and the necessary professionals, experience and passion.

PV takes this commitment only after an evaluation of of the work to be done: workable priority will be given to works in a short time, or self-produced works, or the first directors eseprienze.

If the filmmaker has provided a real budget, PresaVisione is able to follow all stages of production: from the script, casting, preparation of daily work, organizing the crew, finding personnel, equipment, etc.. until the stage of assembly and packaging of the DVD.